Pond Components

A large variety of pond components are available to assist with any existing or new water feature. Biofalls, skimmers, filters, spillways, pressure filters, plumbing fittings, check valves, UV clarifiers, bioballs, waterfall vaults, PVC and kink free pipe, Liner, underlayment, waterfall valves, aqua basins and large selection of installations tools and supplies are available.


Aquascape pond kits come complete with all necessary components assembled together in a convenient, all in one kit that takes the guesswork out of purchasing necessary components separately. All components in the kit work well together and compliment the addition of rock, gravel, fish and plants. Kits are available for ponds, pondless waterfall, and decorative fountains.


Choosing the right water pump for your pond or fountain can be difficult and time consuming. With so many options to choose from it is often difficult to make a decision. Three basic types of water pumps are available for the ornamental pond industry: motor driven, asynchronous, and magnetically driven. With our experience we can help make the right choice for your application.


Koi add color, movement and bit of mystery to any pond. We carry a variety of sizes and types of koi for the beginner or the advanced hobbyist. All fish are chosen from reputable breeders or farms and are quarantined upon arrival. Any pond would not be complete without Koi.

Water Plants

Enhance your water features appearance, water quality and overall heath with water plants. The Pond Co. supplies a variety of tropical and zone hardy water plants. Aquatic plants are the foundation of every water garden. Not only do they provide beauty, they also help to balance the pond ecosystem. A full line of plant care items also available.

Decorative Items

Decorative water features provide homeowners with a unique and creative way to decorate their outdoor living space. Many desire the soothing sounds of running water but are not ready or don't have the space for a full pond. A variety of decorative items are available to create interest to any space.

Water Treatments

Combining science with simplicity, Aquascape makes it simple to maintain a heathy, well balanced water garden. Aquascape's pump-top liquid bottles and bubble tabs makes dosing simple and affordable. A complete line of water treatment products for homeowners or professionals are available.


A selection of seasonal care products is available to assist with the changing seasons and cold months of the year. Cold water bacteria and food, floating heaters, pond netting, aeration, de-icing pumps and predator control products are available to help with Mother Nature.


Add a new dimension to your water feature by bringing it to life at night. With today's busy lifestyle, it is often difficult to enjoy your landscape during the day. Light fixtures feature a die-cast metal housing finished with a coating providing a durable finish that will hold up in all weather conditions. LED lights can be fully submerged or placed to add interest to any landscape.

Fish Care

Fish, like all creatures, need food to survive. Quality fish food available that aid in digestion, optimize growth rates and reduce fish waste. Fish treatments, overall heath care products, nets and pond salt also available to help with your water gardening enjoyment.

Specialty Maintenance

Spend more time enjoying and relaxing by you water feature with specialty maintenance items. The Ion-Gen system effectively kills algae without the use of traditional chemicals. Also new to the market is the automatic dosing system. The Aquascape dosing system accurately and consistently applies your choice of water treatments.